I really have nothing to say except,,,,,,,  I SUPER EXCITED!  My SIL is getting married!  Married to a great guy!  I am so happy for the both of them!  She is great, he is great - our family is blessed!  Happy Marriage Lisa and Jedd - we love you!

For now, I leave you with a few favorite quotes.  Print them, post them, make a t-shirt with them - you will be glad you did!

                                                                            Source: jlrey.tumblr.com via Heather on Pinterest

For the Dave Ramsey living inside me :)

                                                                        Source: prettystuff.tumblr.com via Heather on Pinterest

Eleanor - you rock!

                                                                         Source: thegrindstone.com via Heather on Pinterest

Wise Old (well dead) man

                                                                         Source: abduzeedo.com via Nicholas on Pinterest

And Chuck Norris? How do you define cool? Anything he says is cool!

Now off to the church!

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