A Little Tutorial on Embroidery Machines

Did you know that Nina Bina is a little boutique business?  The ninabina carries burp clothes, shirts, dresses, and such that are appliqued or monogrammed.  The cuteness overflows and the budget requirements of boutique type items at a reasonable price are met.  

Nina Bina is fun, creative, and spunky - just like the child the shop was named after.  

A few of my Proverbs 31 friends have asked how, when, why and what to buy in an embroidery machine and maybe how to start a Nina Bina type of their own.  Now this is not a comprehensive manual (that will cost you :) but more of a fact sheet in which you start finding some answers on your own.

  1. Save the money.  I do nothing in business that is not cash.  Finance NOTHING!  N- O- T- H - I - N - G.  God does not want you to be slave to the lender.
  2. You need a computer.  I have a mac (shout out to all the cool spiky hair people) but any computer will do.  You need a computer/internet to download designs, use your monogram software, and store designs.  You will be choosing a machine that either you put designs onto a USB stick or has a USB cord that plugs right into your machine.  
  3. Start with a starter.  I started off with an embroidery/sewing machine.  It embroidered      a 4” x 4” area.  Perfect for three letter/ one letter monograms or small appliques.  I have since moved onto a solo embroidery machine that does a 5x7 area.  I find this efficient for what I need right now (although there is an envelope for saving for the commercial/home machine).  Alot of retailers will let you trade in your smaller machine for a discount on a new machine too. 
  4. Remember you want to monogram - you have to buy monogram software.  I have the monogram wizard.  It has tons of fonts, formats the letters for you and has tons of options for style.  It is super easy to use and runs about 250- for the basic addition.  You can add fonts for around 50 - at a time.  
  5. You can research different web sites to download applique designs from.  Applique designs cost anywhere from .99 - 9.00 each.  One you download them - you can use them as many times as you would like.  
  6. Educate yourself.  Read reviews.  Look for sales.  Wait.  Research thread preferences of people.  Study up on the art of hooping (this is how you put backing on your items and attach them to the machine for embroidering).  Have scraps available for learning.  Remember there is a huge learning curve when you first start.  Find out about what needles you need. 
  7. Refurbished vs new.  This is your choice.  I bought a refurbished machine that broke down within the first month.  But the catch here is I bought it from a reputable retailer that honored their guarantees and exchanged it for another machine - no questions asked.  I have had the replacement refurbished machine for 2 years now and have not had a problem.  

Right now, I have a Brother 700II.  It is a 5x7 area machine that has a usb cord that plugs right into the machine and computer.  It is a great machine.  I have always had a Brother.  I find it simple to understand and very user friendly.  My machine is for personal use but Brother has many other machines available for commercial use too.  I also have the regular Monogram Wizard for my monogramming.  It is perfect.  I have added on two alphabet sets and have just about everything I need.  I would say with machine, software, stabilizers, thread, needles and supplies my initial investment was 900-.  Remember - I paid cash!  
I am probably missing some little details here and there but this has been my adventure into embroidery!  I love it and hope you do too.  

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