My top ten Movies

Pretty simple......my top ten movies of all time.  Except - I do not like going to the movies.  Perhaps I suffer from some type of attention issue but I can not just sit and enjoy.   That is probably why I am perfectly happy with four very different children.  Always something to do, to look at, to address.  So here it comes America a movie list from a child of the 80's.

1.  The Patriot.
The Mel Gibson version.  I am a married woman but seriously Heath Ledger (God rest his soul) was           pretty easy on the eyes in this one.  Matter of fact this movie left such an impression on me that I named my first son Gabriel after Heath's character.  Don't tell all my friends who think I researched names in the bible and thus picked Gabriel.  I am proud to be an American too!

2. A Knight's Tale.
Heath Ledger - need I say more?  I actually loved the mix of satire type influences with music, poetry and romance.  Again, Heath Ledger.

3.  Cocktail.
At one time Tom Cruise was Tom Cruise - now I have to admit I think he is nuts.  Big downer there but I am OK with it now.  Oh, this was also the first rated R movie I went to.

4.  The Breakfast Club.
Really no explanation needed here.

Source: google.com via Valya on Pinterest

5.  16 Candles.
Thank you Molly Ringwald for making me believe that there was someone out there with a family crazier than mine.  And for having really neat hair.

6. Pretty in Pink.
Yes, romance does still exist and not all "cool" kids are jerks.  Although the ones I met in high school were (you know who you are!).

7.  Forest Gump.
Sweet, innocent, perfect!  Not to mention, I wish I could run like that.

8.  The Terimal.
Perhaps the best things in life are right in front of what we do not want.  And Dear Government - you have no idea what you are doing!

9.  Napolean Dynamite.
You make me so happy.  I laugh, I cry, I dance, I sing.  Thank you, you quirky little guy.

10. And my newest favorite........drum roll please........ Death at a Funeral!
Totally funny and totally out of my artsy fartsy love Heath Ledger comfort zone............

Honorable mentions - Patch Adams (although I try not to cry in public), and Death to Smoochy (an overlooked needs to be classic)

Interesting huh?  What goes on in the little mind of me?  I think I am pretty much like a spool of multi colored yarn you might see at the boutique.  You never quite know which is going to come next but when it is all woven together perhaps you like what you got?  Wait until I share my IPod playlist, you won't know what his you :)

What are you favorites?  Might be something I have to see?  Please Share!

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