My Peachtree Road Race

Well, at least I finished.  Everyone told me not to count on a stellar time.  I only ran about 6 times in the last month.  Having to hunkerdown at the house while life dealt us major changes called for distraction from the asphalt.  My longest run had been 4.5 miles.  Much short of the 6.2 needed to finished.  All I knew was that if I passed out, please do not carry me to Grady Hospital.  

Dear skinny girl running happily next to me......well.....I don't want to be too ugly..

Here are some interesting facts about the Peachtree Road Race 
- it is the largest 10 K in the world
- it takes over 3,000 volunteers to help the event
- over 55,000 people finished the whole route either walking or running
- lots of people wear costumes while running (wish I had pictures)
- tons of people drink beer while running (nasty)
- it is like a 6.2 mile long party

I would do it again!  The 5 am wakeup time hurt.  The Tuesday after = hurt.  But wearing the t shirt and feeling like a rockstar is worth it :)

Come down and join the crowd for the next Peachtree!  Totally worth it!


  1. you go girl! that girl beside you ain't got nothing on you. i would have to agree with you-rocking my race tees might be the main reason i sign up to do them. :-)


  2. Thanks Lacey! Nothing like a great tee to start your day :)