Linking up with Gussy to Pampered myself

Hellooooooo Gussy!  This is my first first link up and I am so excited - yippppeeee!

When you're a mom (I have four little lovelies 9 - 20 months) pamper is a big word.  Life & budget usually do not afford the luxury of pampering.   But most times "time" is the culprit stealing the indulgence.   So maybe in my world pampering is more of a goal - - something I would write (probably at the bottom) of a very long to do list.  Which in all reality turns into a once a year goal.  Ohhhhhhh, but does it sound so nice?

My mommy needs to be pampered - is anyone listening?

Usually the word pamper means a brand name of diapers that I was able to get free with CVS points and double coupons.  But today, pamper was the prompt and boy did I run with it!  Well, do not know if I will be running with these bad boys but I might kick some butt with them!

Yes, aren't they beautiful?  And guess what?  They are mine!  Yup, M - I - N - E!

You see, I have been searching all over for the perfect dress/sandal combo for the many festivities surrounding my SIL's wedding (hi Lisa!).  Couldn't find a thing!

Then I started brainstorming for this super duper linky party.  How about cupcakes? I could write about great cupcakes.  Specificlly red velvet.  But no, does not help the last ten lbs of baby weight I need to loose.  Maybe, I could get a pedicure?  Ummmm, nope.  Does not fit in with the running shoes.  Nailpolish chips on the first day -- a total waste of money.  Maybe a scented candle.  Again, nope one of the kids would set something on fire with it.  Bubble bath?  No, someone probably peed in the tub last night (gross I know).  So how do I pamper myself?  Then it came to me!  For this month, I would pamper myself with boots!  Solves the "what to wear to wedding events" problem and gives me a yee haw everything I wear them!

How pampering is a pair of boots?  At 5'4" I can put these babies on and feel 6'0".  If I need to kick some butt, I have pointy toes.  I can play cowboys with the kids and be the "really cool" mom.  I can put on my boots, sit on the porch, drink a tall glass of sweet tea and pretend that I am looking over the prairies of Texas.

So worth saving the money for and hey, I made my "goal" on the 6th of the month!  Yippee for being pampered!  Not saying that a VENTI chai isn't too far behind on the list ;)


  1. I love them! Who made them? I have a pair I bought in TX a few years back and they are my FAVORITE pair of shoes by far!!! You go, mama. Certainly well earned and deserved!

  2. Snagged them at Franchesca's Collection - super great price too! ready to kick some butt :)