Waiting stinks, really it does.  Who wants to wait an hour for a meal, have a longer commute to work, wait our turn in our line - no one!  Waiting seems to have no purpose than to make us mad -- or does it?

Is there a real value to waiting?  There could be.  Years ago, I wanted a baby -BAD.  I was so anxious to have a baby.  When would this baby come?  During that time of anxiety I couldn't get pregnant.  It was only in waiting to get pregnant that God reveal my first child was going to come from someone other than me.  Well, I waited two more years only to travel to Russia and discover the most amazing little toddler who (ironically enough) was waiting on me and my husband!  She wasn't ready 4 years before that.  God knew when she was ready.  And in time, I had my daughter, and three other babies to equal 4!  Now that was worth waiting - don'tcha think?

Right now, my husband and I are waiting on a few big things, really big things.  But I know that God is big and I am so excited to be waiting on him.  Who knows how long it will be.  But, I plan to use that time to seek what he wants me to learn, to be better equipped for when that moment of waiting is over.

 How exciting is that?

Is there something you might be waiting on now?  Where is the opportunity to learn from that time?


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