So, who am I?

I am Heather.
I love Jesus.
I am a wife.
I am a mom.
I love "real" food.
I craft.
And, I sew! I really love to sew! Seriously, love it, love it, love it!

                                                                          Source: shelikescute.com via Heather on Pinterest

I started sewing when I was 6. My grandmother had this fantastic room in the back of her house filled to the ceiling (she could have easily been on hoarders) with gobs of craftyness! Fabric, Fabric, Fabric! Love it! We would spend hours together creating clothes from scratch for my babies! I would come home with the most fabulous creations!

Eventually sewing turned into something much bigger than doll clothes, but the time I got to spend with my grandmother was the biggest gift of all!

New in the shop are two little wallet purses. Made from some vintage finds and trims from my grandmother's house! So cute, so perfect for summer. 5.5 inches wide and 4 inches tall.  12- each.

Also in the shop, a sneak peek at what is blooming!


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