on being brave....

He is 8.
He is brave.

-Tonight -
He held his friend tight.
He kissed his soft fur.
He told him how beautiful heaven is.
He reminded him he loved him.
He remembered the cute way he ran in his wheel.

After an hour together, he had to say goodbye.  He was brave to let his best buddy go.  He cried and thanked God for giving him his friend and for watching over his friend until he meets in heaven. 

He wanted pictures snuggling with his hamster.

How pure his love is.  How thankful he truly is.  Most of all my son showed me how brave he is.  Brave when he didn't know what was going to happen.  Brave enough to look into his sweet pet's eyes until the very end.  Brave because he knows his faith will carry him thru his time of pain.  

Thank you God for the opportunity to grow as a family tonight.  Although we will miss our little buddy dearly I thank you for reminding me how powerful we are together - only thru you.  

Being a mom can be hard, but the rewards so sweet.  Take this weekend to be brave, to be thankful, and to be a family.

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