The Queen

I am the queen of a country of six.  I keep the citizens happy with planned activites, well thought-out meals, and a clean dwelling.  I rule in love.  I teach what is right and what is wrong.  But I not do this alone.  

While my country looks to me for consistant/constant leadership there is a silent partner in all I do.  A silent leader rather than a partner.  He shapes my day with his wise words.  He plans my life with the greatest of attention to detail.  He loves me unconditionally.  He died for me so that I may live.  He is Jesus and I am  glad that he is my first "cabinet meeting" of the day!  

Take a few moments today to enjoy a quiet time with the one who plans your life - you will be glad you did.  Then it might just be easier to............

                                                                             Source: flickr.com via Heather on Pinterest

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