So who am I? Are you still dying to know?

There is much more to the story than a sweet little girl sewing with her grandmother.   Here comes the big part, I mean REALLY BIG part!  In 2000, my husband and I were called to adopt!  We had 8,000 in the bank so we were ready to go!  Except for the fact that we were about 42,000 short!  What?  

After much prompting by a friend (thanks Michelle!), a month later I was sewing again!  At the time we had a sweet dog who always knew when we needed an extra nudge.  Her name was Cotton and thus "Cotton's Kisses" was born.

During the next 6 months, many angels opened their homes to my family to host tote parties.  It was similar to a direct sales party except this party I gave our testimony about adoption and a little bit about Michael and I.  The parties were so fun!  During that time, I cried in front of more people than I care to count, met so many new friends, shared stories with complete strangers about infertility and SOLD totes!  A total of 10,000 +  dollars in totes in 5 months!   At the same time, I began crafting boutique items for sale on Ebay.  Both efforts, and tons or prayer, put together more than half our adoption fund.  HOLY COW!

                                                             Source: ohmigoshblog.blogspot.com via Heather on Pinterest

In 20 short months, Michael and I were getting off a plane with our new 19 month old daughter from Moscow, Russia!  All because of sewing (oh and a calling from God)!  We have been home over 8 years now and have added three more little blessings to the mix.  Life is good.

Right now, God is calling my family to walk thru another fire with him.  I am thankful that he has given me a gift to carry my family thru this time!  He is faithful and I must be too! 

Is there maybe a little gift that God has given you to carry your family thru the good and the bad?  What is it?  Are you using it now?  Would you like to use it now?  Why not?

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