Riding the Elevator

Part of a business series I am writing for those of you (especially mamas) thinking of starting a handmade business.  Hopefully we can connect soon!  

The Elevator Speech.  

Ah the 30 seconds, at best that you give it your all.  You sell yourself in less time then it takes to spell your name out loud.  The elevator speech is so so very important as you market your business outside the internets.  

The elevator speech really doesn't need to take place in an elevator but it does have certain components to every time you say it.  

How to recognize the time for the elevator speech opportunity.

1. you are with total strangers
2. you are with people who know you but don't know what you do
3. you have 20 - 30- seconds to answer the question, "what do you do."
4. there is no one to speak "above."

Nuts and Bolts of the Speech

1. who are you?
2. what do you do?
3. how do you do it?
4. when do you do it?
5. why do you do it? 

The basics we learned in 2nd grade.  This is where you are.  You have 20-30 seconds to let someone know how passionate you are about what you create.  Why you spend sleepless nights doing what you do.  And how they can buy your goods (uber importante!).

I am constantly changing my elevator speech.  Every week I evaluate what my speech looks like.  It keeps in me in touch with my business, it affords opportunity for me to dream, and maybe it will show in a sale.  

Right now, #sofour's elevator speech often looks something like this.

Hi I'm Heather.  I sell and blog about my art filled sewn pieces of everyday items that promote a positive message in a bright and colorful way.  You can find my pieces on Etsy, Facebook and by using the hashtag #sofour.  (then the traditional handing of the business card).  

It's not perfect, but right now it is me.  My elevator speech keeps in line with tag line.  It holds true to my branding ideals. This elevator speech can be changed based on my audience - a very important details.  

I have used my elevator speech at the kid's schools, at a recent craft show, at the local cafe - the possibilities of telling people about what you do are infinite.  

As much as the elevator speech is a very important part of your package, what it more important is that your audience leaves interested and inspired.  

The #sofour community would love to hear your speech - share it!  That is the best practice! 


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