I really wanted to rip his throat out......

The other night my husband had the coconuts to say, "landing pad."  Just hearing those words made me unglue.  

Are you serious?  Another temporary situation?  Can we find somewhere to make memories?  Can't we have enough time to change the paint color?  A landing pad just isn't in my vocabulary.  What the heck was he thinking?  I send him to a landing pad - on his rear end.  

But there is truth in finding a "landing pad".  We need a place to land.  A place to find refuge.  Somewhere to experience safety.  Somewhere to rest.  Some time to find out what and who we really are.  

But parking on a landing pad is near impossible.  You can't stay - not for long - you have to keep moving in threat of getting run over.  A landing pad is the place to gather strength for the next take off - and you always need to be ready to go! 

Your landing pad might be in your significant other's arms.  It might be in a phone call with your dad.  Landing pads can be large and small.  There can be crashing waves and white sand in your landing pad.  Children will find laughter at your landing pad.  Life will continue to grow while resting on the landing pad.  Real friends will be found and lost when you find your landing pad.  Faith will be tested. 

In the last three years, Michael and I have had a ton of take offs and landings.  We found a landing pad in a small group of loyal faithful friends.  Landing in a new church has given us the chance to find a place of rest and refuge as we find out how much faith we really have.  Our community has stepped up to act as a family in a time when ours turned their backs.  Simple times have lead to a landing pad for our marriage to discover something new about our commitment.  

So as our family begins to take off again I'm praying that we recognize the landing pad that God has stepped ahead and prepared for us.

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