Grace for hurting

He was bigger.
He had a popular following.
He used bad words.
He made unrelenting jokes.
He drew pictures making fun of her.
He wouldn't stop.

She was kind.
She cried.
She hurt.
She took it while others walked away.

I was upset.
I needed her to fight her own battles, but wanted so bad to stick up for her.
I didn't know what else to do.

Then he did it, right in front of me - outside of school.  He made a joke of her until she cried -- a hard cry.  I was standing right there!  How could he do that with me 2 feet away?  Here was the opportunity to stand up for her.  To let that bully know that he was hurting my daughter.  Vindication was mine and he backed off. 

But that spring, my daughter wasn't the one really hurting - that young boy was.  He was spending everyday watching his dad slowly die.  

Was I right to stick up for my daughter that day?  yes.
Was I wrong for not asking why he was acting out in such a way? yes.

He was a child, hurting and he needed grace, love and understanding more than anyone needed vindication.    


  1. Oh my... I remember that incident. So sad for multiple reasons. :(