8 for lunch

.....so the story continues, and I realize in the ten years I have been parenting my kids have never given outside their comfort zone.  This left me wondering if we truely "give" everything we can if we only give in comfort.

I don't even know how to write about our afternoon.  There are few words to explain the awesomeness that my children and I were allowed to participate in.  It was far beyond my reach of amazing.

We fed 8 men that day.  I wanted so bad to remember each of their names but mommy brain has gotten the best of me.

There was Chris, living on the streets for 10 years because he likes freedom.  His buddy Bill has been with him for 8 of those.  There was Samuel who had the most infectious smile.  And I will never forget Jonas.  A young man who shared with me that he hasn't seen his family in 7 years because he chose a drug addiction over them.  It broke my heart to know that there is a mother missing her son.

It was a simple approach that opened the door; to a hand shake, to a small chat, and a thank you from both parties involved. Even the people we couldn't feed that day wanted to talk.  We had a great afternoon!

The ride home was one full of excitement!  They were thankful to have "new friends" at the park.  And could not wait to go back and serve again.

But as we pulled out of Atlanta with a heart full, I heard a small wimper from the back of the van.  My sweet brown haired 7 year old was crying ever so quietly.  When I asked him what was wrong he replied, "we should have made more sandwiches - we didn't feed enough people."

If I could find each of those men and thank them, the words would never be enough.  They shared a little of themselves that day when they really didn't have to.  Those 8 men opened our hearts and I can not wait to see what flows from it! 
This lady was eating lunch and watching the kids while we were at the park.  When the kids saw the birds, they wanted so bad to feed them but we didn't have anything to do that.  This lady gave the kids her granola bar and told them how proud she was of them!   

Eight untraditionally inspiring men have planted a seed in my family to serve.  
How did they inspire you? 
Where and when will you be called to service?  Will you answer the call? 

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