Tapped Out

That was me last week.....just tapped out.  
Tired again.  
Confused Again.  
Yup, great week. 
I had N.O.T.H.I.N.G to share with you all except bad news.  
You know, the "poor me" days that just keep going and going -- never to end.  

In the past 12 months, we have......
Been lied to by fellow believers.
Been treated like outcasts by our supposed safety net.
Suffered a devastate income loss.
Found a new job. 
Lived off the savings that God told us we would need. 
And now today, live in a house that is under contract.

It is the last event that set my week over the edge.  I love my house.  This is the house my kids were suppose to bring their kids to to visit.  They are safe here.  They can ride their bikes here.  There is a fort in the back yard that has been an ongoing two year project.  My beloved dogs are buried here.  There is a creek in the back. 

It is where I wanted to be.  
But God has other plans.....
and right now, I'm thankful but questioning, searching for answers.  
Waiting to see what comes next. 

One important thing I have learned from a week off from blogging is that I do not have to tell you all everything. But as a community, we need to hold hands thru the valleys and lift those hands up together in celebration at the mountain tops.  


  1. Keep your head up, Hun and I hope it gets better soon. <3

  2. thank you friend. It is great and better will be good too!