No, thanks - I will pass on that blessing

I was just putting up our nativity when is occurred to me - what if Mary said "no thanks?"  What if God gave her the choice?  Could he have said to Mary - - "I know you are young, a virgin, but I really need you to carry this baby so he can save the world, but its' your choice."     What is she said no?  Where would I be?  Where would the world be?

I am pretty sure Mary did not have an easy pregnancy.  She was to be wed, young and pregnant.  Not the place she had probably planned on being that year.

If given the choice at the beginning of the year - I would have said, "no thanks."  No thanks to the job lose, no thanks to the dramatic cut in pay, no thanks to the stress on my marriage, no thanks to the fractured extended family, no thanks to the fair weathered friends, no thanks to the loose of loved ones, no thanks to being hurt.  I think I would have passed without a second thought.

But where would I be today?  I am thankful that God doesn't give us the chance to say no.  I wouldn't say it has been the easiest year but I would do it again.  For in the end, there is a reward.  It is a reward hard to explain.  For in the lose, there was light - a gain only for the kingdom and I am glad that I didn't have the chance to say no too.


  1. Went to a church Christmas luncheon today and the speaker spoke about what if Mary had said no...there would be no praise to Mary, all would be different. So in every situation, give the will to God and give thanks. Lovely post! Thanks!