Yes, there are four

"You are crazy," 
said the over teased, over frosted hair wearing 50+ year old woman who wore the same outfit that day as she did 30 years ago.

"I bet you're busy." 
said the check out girl at Kroger who just finished telling me how she works two full time jobs. 

said the little old, but still with it, man at church.

"You know how that happens, right?" 
said the kind receptionist at the pediatrician's office.

I always answer, "yes."  Then I let out a little snicker, shrug my shoulders and go on my merry little way. Did I really ask them to begin with?  Was I looking for an opinion?  Do I care what they think?  Would I change my life in anyway to avoid the constant snide remarks -- I don't think so.  

They are mine, on loan from God.  He is an amazing Lord to trust someone like me with such a precious gift.  I don't think I do my best everyday, but I will continue to try me hardest as long as I have the job.  

So thank you interesting people of the South for letting me know what you think of my career choice - your compassion is amazing (sarcasm).  But.........

There are just some days you can leave your opinion at home. Because no matter what you say, or how hard the job may be that day --- I choose to give you the extra grace that I being a mom of four has taught me to have. 

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