Really Blog

I read alot about how to write blog content.
I read alot about when to blog.
I read alot about what to blog.
I read alot about why I should blog.
Sometimes I feel like the teacher from The Peanuts comic is wa, wa, wa, wa in my ear.

So why would someone continue to spend time writing away when I don't have a set goal,,,, or do I?

When I started blogging a few months ago, I thought I would mimic those cute little blogs I read.  You know the ones chalked full of tutorials about crafts.  The kind of blog you read every Tuesday to discover what Suzie Q has done to her daughter's bedroom.  Or maybe the blog that you follow a specific story time in someone's life.  I gave it a team try, but I am not that writer.

I'm not even sure if I am really writer but I do know that I am a woman, with a blog, with a goal.  That simple little goal - to keep the place R-E-A-L.  That is it.  No sugar coat, no overly dramatic interpretations (well, occasionally), no Martha Stewart want-to-be's.  My life is incredibility ordinary.  It is blogging that helped me realize how extraordinary that ordinary actually is.  That sharing normal might enable someone to feel extraordinary too.

So read away all eight people who have joined the club.  I promise to wow you with the perils of raising four children, sewing on the side, the occasional cooking fiasco, pretending I am a marathon runner in training, being a Yankee in the south, my love of politico, and life.  Hold on to your seat - it is real, not Velveeta.


  1. Your blogs are fantastic! You let me see humor in my own life that I don't always appreciate at the moment. You allow those of us who read see who you really are, or at least the who you are that can really be seen :) I think my husband would be happy if I blogged all my craziness instead of sharing it exclusively with him ;)

  2. Thanks Larissa! Pretty transparent (at times:) and am glad that someone gets a giggle from it. Go ahead my dear, write away! I would love to read it