Well Ruffle my Scarf

I saw a scarf in a store during the summer.  I wanted it.  It wanted my entire clothing budget for the month.  We parted ways, never to meet again.  Or would we? 

Thank God for tutorials, intuition, and the ability to sew.  I love my ruffle scarf!  It is pretty wrapped around my shoulders.  Delightful tied in a knot in the front.  Or perfect thrown over one shoulder with a flower pin.  

Do you love my ruffled scarf too?  

It is made from a medium weight jersey knit.  It has tons of bouncy ruffles -- three rows to be exact.  The ruffle scarf of your dreams is 45 inches long by 15 inches wide, has finished seams and completely machine washable.  

Then visit the shop and get your today!  It is the Christmas gift you will love to give. 

All scarves are 3 for 50 if at least two of the same color are purchased.    

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