The National Debt, um duh

One of my first college English papers was a 5 page piece on "apathy." Not a subject I would have chosen but a subject that really transformed who I am (annoying as it may be for you.)

For those of you who know me know that I am pretty opinionated.  Sometimes, I am spewing opinion till I turn a different color.   I am not always right (gasp), and honestly I love to be surrounded by people who don't agree with me.  I love to hear what others have to say-- I appreciate what they have to say.  I love people who stand up for what they truly believe in - good for you!

So here comes my first little opinion piece for Sew Four.  Not writing about sewing, kids, boogers, dying dogs, or life in this one.  Nope just here to let you know debt is dumb folks - really dumb.

                                                                     Source: thingsweforget.blogspot.com via Pamela on Pinterest

Pretty simple - you don't have it, don't spend it. Now, I know, I know there are circumstances that come up (ie, medical, accidental or aliens landing on Earth) that you just couldn't have avoided that debt - or could you? Just remember a new pair of shoes is not an emergency and if you would never be able to save enough money to get it then why do you have enough money to pay someone every month more than it is worth in the first place?  Or maybe if a bill does rear its' ugly head you get a second job to cover it?  Pray before you buy?  Ask your community for help when you need it?  Have a yard sale!

So national debt starts at home. Shake your fists at the blue bloods all you want -- you are responsible for you - it is not a free -or-all. Each of our representatives should be at the capitol during the day and delivering pizzas on a bike at night to get this country out of this mess.

                                                                               Source: twistedsifter.com via Holly on Pinterest

Eight years ago, Michael and I discovered the most amazing, the most practical, the most simple advice we could ask for. Today we are facing a possible crisis, but for some reason it seems less of a crisis then the world thinks it should be. Maybe because we have Christ leading our way and have the emergency fund he wanted us to have. God knew 8 years ago that we would be facing the mountain we are today and thankfully he put Dave Ramsey in our life's path before it happened.  I beg you to visit his Financial Peace University, buy his books, and tell your representatives to do the same!  You will be glad you did.  

Oh, and if you would like to contribute to our emergency fund visit my Etsy Store or my facebook page  as we join together as a family to live debt free!  

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