I'm Back!

I really did not choose to take a week of from blogging (and all faithful four who read this thing:), but I had to.  This has been the summer of circumstances at our house and I needed to re-evaluate what we were doing with those circumstances and what I was going to learn from those events.  So you could say the first half of the summer looked kind of like this......

                                                                     Source: picasaweb.google.com via Heather on Pinterest

Yup, that is me! Aren't I just so cute? Just decided to put my head in the sand and wait for the storm to pass, maybe no one will notice my large tussy hanging out? Didn't work. So I turned to this book........

                                                                               Source: google.com via Heather on Pinterest

......and let my heart open. Boy, did I learn a lot. You see just by reading the bible, and listening to what God had to say, I learned that this really has not been a summer of loose but rather of gain. For those lessons, as hard as they are, taught me lessons that I could never learn in any course. While relationships may change, money may change, jobs may change, people might hurt, and the world dissapoints, my God is consistent, loving, and never leaving.

The months of summer may be coming to a slow close but the gifts I have been given by enduring what God set before me are abounding. Come on Fall, I am ready to take you on!

                                                                      Source: johnsjournal-maria.blogspot.com via Heather on Pinterest

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