So, 35?

Today I'm 35! Wooohooo!

This is a birthday I should dread, right?  You know the whole "closer to 40 than 30?".  Eeeeekkkk!  But 35 you are not that bad, in fact you are pretty good!  At 35, I weigh what I did in high school - that is pretty darn fun to say!

So humor me for a moment while I unwrap my birthday gifts.
- I have been given four beautiful kids who are each unique in so many ways!
- I have been given a hot husband ;)
- I have been given a few dear friends who hold me tight thru the thick and the thin.
- I still have my mind that is continuously filled with creative yummies!
- I have been given the opportunity to live in the south (although I am still a yankee at heart)
- I have been given a renewed confidence to take on the world (one politician at a time :)
- I have seen Dave Matthews! (um, yea highlight of the last year)
- I am blessed, I am loved, I am saved

So 40, I am staring at you.  Not sure if I like the weight of gravity coming on.  But I will take the late 30's embrace then and turn them into something BIG!  Really BIG!  So hold on readers - Heather is taking 35 and making it into something the world will remember.

Now, "let the lady eat CAKE!"

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