Define Mondays -I'm late!

For today - it is obvious, I am late!

LATE a (1) : coming or remaining after the due, usual, or proper time <a late spring> (2) : of, relating to, or imposed because of tardiness

Five posts in and I miss a weekend!  An entire weekend!  Ekkkkkk.  Now to give myself an excuse it was my birthday weekend.  Instead of working on looming projects, I spent the weekend enjoy the simple gifts in life; my friends, my family, my dog, my cat, the weather oh and cake!  yes, cake! 

But sometimes, God wants us to be late.  What?  Yes, can you believe in the grand scheme of timers, cell phone, lap tops and other devices that God is still in control of time.  How?  Thru his amazing plan.  For an example, one time I "was late" and had a sweet baby girl 9 months later ;).  Wow, that was a big late!  

So while being on time can be important, remember that as of "late" God is still in control of the timing of all events in your life!  

Happy Late Monday!

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