Fall Mantel Reminder

I love to decorate - just don't have the time.  

Maybe because it is in the most used room of the house?  Maybe it is just always screaming to be loved?

This fall I decided to keep it really simple and really budget friendly.  The window was an old yard sale find for 5.00.  The glass vases I have had forever.  Inside the vases are some drift wood pieces that I snagged at the lake - free!  The & sign came from Michaels for 3.00 and has a nice coat of chalkboard paint.  The little white pumpkins came from the grocery store for a 1.00 a piece.  But the most important piece of the mantel is that banner.

The banner says simply - in everything give thanks.  Soon after I made that banner a lot of really big things started to fall apart around here.  The rental house imploded, our house imploded, nothing is going right.  That all happened after I hung this banner.  And everyday as I stress about it all, I have no choice to but to see this natural canvas reminder and bring myself back to earth.

It is such a sweet reminder that trials are not in vain, they produce an end.  

I hope if you are climbing a mountain that seems impossible to summit that you will look behind you and realize how many steps you have already take to get to the point you are at.  You can finish!  

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