What I know about Middle School

My first middle school orientation as a parent.  Being that I was by far the youngest parent there (jab, jab) I had a lot to learn on my first trip to the big house.

So for the newbies who have yet to dive into the waters of puberty piranas I offer my observations.  For the parents who have been there done that gotten the shirt I offer perspective.  

- Home room is the biggest room in the 6th grade hall.  I don't know why, but it feels like trumpets players are announcing your arrival and it should be that way.

- Classes don't necessarily need textbooks — that is old school.  You know, the whole reading from paper thing kind of left the world in the ice ages.

- some teachers were born the year I graduated high school (might be stretching a bit)

- Other teachers are obviously struggling with "personal summers". Hence the 5,000,000 fans in a 10 x 10 room. 

- Certain people don't always know why they teach, and they really can't hide it.

- 3 minutes between "classes" certainly doesn't give one enough time to socialize.  

- Finding the bathroom is really the first item on your list everyday.  That is after you locate the cafeteria.

- Boys and girls obviously don't sit near each other in class, because most parents do not know who each other are.  

- Reading 6+ teachers blogs everyday really interferes with my design blog reading and I am not sure how I feel about it.

- The orchestra teacher will beginning playing ,randomly.

- and my favorite from the evening - social studies!  How fun is that lady.  She has traveled around the world and "experienced" a lot of different things.  It totally shows!  

School is going to be great this year! 
Perfect no, because both N and I are still learning. 
When you are done learning — then you can call it perfect.  Just never strive to be perfect - that means you aren't learning.  

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