4th of July Burlap Door Decoration

Ok, I love tutorials - the kind with more pictures than words.  I guess I am a visual learner?  Yup.  So here you go!  Just had to share.  It isn't rocket science but hopefully it will inspire.  

Supplies - burlap, dot painting brushes, pins, paint, scissors, and wrapping paper or brown kraft paper

Cut a shape out of wrapping paper.  I have a problem with straight lines so my star is a bit wonky.  That is ok, I am too.

Using template, cut two of the burlap shapes.  I pin burlap together and cut.  Then pin burlap shapes onto a plastic surface (so paint won't bleed through).

Let dry - duh?

And the rest I forgot pictures!  Hot glue two sides together.  Leave a small gap in the middle to insert "stuffing.  I use Publix sacks.  Not to much.  Just enough to hold shape.  Glue shut.Glue on bow etc. etc. 

Ta-da!  Done!  I used a cheap plastic hanger hot glued to the back.  Holds the star shape perfect.  And it is free!  _ yippppeeeeeee

Total cost - 3.25 and 30 minutes time.  

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