Running the Race

It was a dare a few months ago.  Well, you know the last day to get the dicount for the Rock N Roll Half in Savannah is today.  So impulsively, I took the plunge.  And boy am I thankful that a friend had more faith in me than I did in myself. Finish vertical I kept saying, finish vertical.

A large group from the area went to the race.  We ended up riding with my friend Robin and her hubby Jeff.  Carpooling to a half marathon with my personal trainer friend and her husband - genius.  ((why I am sticking my butt out I have no idea))

This is Kenneth, he gave me my number.  He really didn't like getting his picture taken so we took it like a hundred times.

Apparently I didn't either :)

 Still not liking the pictures in the sea of 10,000 people.

I woke up at 4:47 that morning!!!!!! whoa!  We took the 6:30 shuttle from the hotel.  The entire morning was kind of like waiting for surgery - ekkkkkk.

We were corral (how demeaning) 21.  Which meant a little bit of a wait to get started.  Again, waiting. 

Out of all the amazing things I saw during the run, this is the only picture I took.  Really?  What was I thinking?  The people cheering along the race route were awesome.  The signs were great. There were were amazing people pushing themselves - giving their all.  I admire them. 

I finished!  Under goal.  Set a precedent for races to come.

Cute Cheerleader.

Still smiling, was never sore.  Although it appears that I am suffering from "runner's toe".  Seriously, a toe?  WHAT?

Robin is an athlete and had to wait on me.  But I'm OK with that.  I'm proud of the rest of the group too!  They all did awesome!

Really what other way would you celebrate than with a new dress and Starbucks. For all the time I make fun of yuppies, I must now admit - I am one.

This guy is great!  

Except for this picture, when he just finished telling me how tired HE was! 


  1. Half-marathon? Great job! I could never...

    1. Thank you friend and actually I think you and Mrs. Durt do everyday! Matter of fact, the love you give to G was an inpsiration as I pushed ahead! I am proud of the two of you and the "races" you have run!