Hello Monday

AH, hello Monday!
How I love you on a week off from school!
A week to enjoy friends we never get to see!
A week to sleep past 6!  

Hello Sisters

Hello to children who seem to make friends no matter what the circumstances are!  I love watching them play with children they don't know!

Hello Sunshine!

Hello to a visit from grandpa and a fort building planning session.

Hello to cheese!

What?  I can't hear you!

Hello to wearing a too big hat everywhere.she.goes.

Hello to making Christmas lists

Hello to unplanned trips to the playground that last hours.

Hello to mischief

hello to dizzy!

Hello to how did she get that big already?

Hello to bravery!

Hello to being a kid!

Hello to feeding ducks, a stepping in duck dung - yuck

This week, I'm saying hello to sharing my secret apple pie recipe, sewing plenty of jersey scarfs, getting the the Etsy shop and new Facebook page branded and spending time with my little family of 6.  Thankful!

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