Finding a Filter

I love Home Depot.  I’m just such a looser when it comes to executing a brilliant shopping experience at the big orange box.  The list never seems to make it in the store with me.  I always end up coming home with the wrong watt light bulbs, the mismatched 2nd gallon of peacock feather green paint, or the 55 gallon trash bags when I needed 60 gallon size.
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The biggest tragedy of my home improvement shopping adventures is when I’m sent to replace the Air Conditioning filter.  You would think that it would be simple enough.  Take the old filter out.  Bring it will you to the store.  Buy the new one.

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But my creative heart will not let ease pass its’ way.  I have to find a more artistic way to remember the three sequence number of the filter.  Cabinets are torn apart looking for the prettiest notepad I can find to write the numbers on.  Often, I find a glitter pen to write with.  It is this sequence of events that I think helps me more effectively remember the numbers.  
But somehow, when I get to the store, I have nothing but a screaming toddler, a headache, and a large tote with no pad.  I grab one of every filter I can find from your hypo allergenic to the cheap almost falling out of the frame blue ones.  In the end, I return home with nothing that fits.  
Some days are similar to those shopping trips to the big orange box.  I forget the right size filter. 

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You know, the days were I need a thick filter to keep the gunk from coming out.  Or maybe the days, that it is right for some of it to seep thru - but in a not so direct kind of way.  But could there be some days where a filter will only block a message that needs to be heard?  I’m not sure.

  There are times that I wish I would have the right filter at the right time, maybe for me or maybe to give to someone else.

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