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Before I went to Blissdom, I thought I would have all this creative energy and time to get my vision for my blog firmly grounded.   I know that I want to create a community.  A real community.  This should be a place to celebrate each other but it should also be a place to lift each other high during the lows.  It is important that readers know that they are not judged because the author is human too.  Life is exciting.  I want this blog community to be exciting too.  

                                                                           Source: abbysharp.tumblr.com via Gina on Pinterest

So Blissdom is three weeks away. And while I have some ideas on where I want to be as a blogger, I just can not seem to get it together.  Life has taken control in a time where I need to be able to dream.  The once creative necessity has been replaced by fear and doubt.  I have no idea what the future holds for my family, let alone how can I worry about this fairy tale career I have made up for myself?
But today I realized, that things may not be going my way but they will pass.  And out of this storm will be something beautiful; a rainbow of sorts.  A promise that his works are intentional.  A promise to stop and listen to what I need to learn.  A promise of things yet to come.  A promise to make the most of my gifts.  A promise of continual support.  A promise to you -- that I am getting it together.  For this blog is so much more important that a housewife vent.  It is a safe place.  A safe place for what I hope will be many, soon.
Blissdom is still three weeks away and I can not promise that I will have my ideas solidly  rooted before I head the car north.  But perhaps, that I why God made sure I would get to Nashville?  
While it seems to be a down week at the Sew Four palace the Lord showed up and gave me a place to start.  Four words to start with.............( I would love to hear what they mean to you!)

Welcome to Sew Four my friends, come see what this blog is so for

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