Well, fry my okra

Okra.  Never heard of it until I moved to the south.  Did you know that you can pickle it, put it in casserole, and fry it?  When fried, okra suddenly becomes like candy.   What a delightful little veggie that most over look.

                                                                     Source: huggingthecoast.com via Heather on Pinterest

But okra has been hit by the American recession just like gas at the pump.  Did you know that a pound of okra cost more than a pound of chicken today?  What?  All I wanted was the famous side dish to accompany our country fried steak.  I just didn't know that I was going to have to dip into my kids collegee fund to buy it. Seriously, to feed six people a serving of fried okra a piece I needed 2 lbs of okra which in turn cost me a 10th of our grocery budget!

                                                                         Source: timvidra.blogspot.com via Heather on Pinterest

While the price was hard to stomach (haha), the end result was worth the financial sacrifice.  
Now if I can only fit in a run tomorrow to equal out the bucket of okra that I ate.  

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