Simplify......that's all I want.  
Really, am I asking too much? 
 If  little people who simply put away their shoes I wouldn't have to pick them up.
 If  stores would simply put items on sale I wouldn't have to clip coupons.  
If  I was naturally skinny I wouldn't have to run.  
If  I didn't live here, I wouldn't have to clean.  

Lots of "Ifs".  

                                                                      Source: insidetheloop.tumblr.com via Caitlin on Pinterest

Perhaps if I stop complicating things I would see how to simplify this wonderful life?
Helping the kids learn to put their shoes up is an Opportunity to teach them.
Clipping coupons is an Opportunity to be creative and use my mind.
Running is an Opportunity to spend time with God.
Living here is an Opportunity to create a home my children with cherish later in life.

Why worry, Yogurt is good for skin? 

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