Today I did....according to Pinterest

Yesterday was a sad, sad day for Michael and I. We had to say goodbye to our faithful friend of 14 years. Today it surreal that he is not here. Fourteen years was a long time, just not long enough. To try and keep from crying, baby P and I kept moving....Here is what we did today in pictures from pinterest.

Woke up missing my baby.....
                                                                                        Source: None via Heather on Pinterest

Made a few things for my faithful Nina Bina clients.....thank you guys!
                                                                              Source: compare.ebay.com via Lindsey on Pinterest

Went to the postal office to mail Ms. N a package at camp.....
                                                                       Source: theimaginationtree.com via Lexi on Pinterest

Met my hubby for lunch at a playground where I ate some of these......
                                                                            Source: whiteonricecouple.com via Heather on Pinterest

And played on one of these......
                                                                              Source: google.com via Heather on Pinterest

while baby P swang and sang I enjoyed one of these.....
                                                                             Source: starbucks.com via Heather on Pinterest

So far a good morning, reflecting on the fact that it was privilege to have my buddy in my life and enjoying the memories we have together.

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